About Platinum Bride Photographer

We are the proud owners and the principle photographers for Platinum Bride Photography.  We are not only husband and wife but also partners, parents of three young children, and artists.

Four years ago we started this business hoping to pour our passion out into the public so that we could make this small dream come true.  We wanted to be home with our first son and support our growing family.  Thankfully, we were able to take that leap and not only stay at home with our 2 boys, and baby girl, but are able to support our family while doing what we Love.

We enjoy having fun with each couple, keeping them comfortable and calm so their stress doesn’t show through our cameras.  We enjoy the freedom to design and create new styles to fit each person we work with.  We enjoy working as a team. Both of us believe that it is very important to be with each of our brides from her getting ready, till her get away.  We pride ourselves in capturing the whole story which includes our bride and grooms entire wedding day.  After more the 250 wedding we still love what we do.

Please take a moment to browse through our web site and look at some of the beautiful weddings and couples we have been blessed to photograph over the years.