About Platinum Bride Photography

Ten years and over 300 weddings ago we started this business hoping to pour our passion into what we love doing and support our growing family in the process. Thankfully, we were able to take that leap and not only stay at home with our 2 boys, and baby girl, but are able to support our family while doing what we Love.

We enjoy having fun with each couple, keeping them comfortable and calm so their stress doesn’t show through our cameras. We enjoy the freedom to design and create new styles to fit each person we work with. We enjoy working as a team. Both of us believe that it is very important to be with each of our brides from her getting ready, till her get away. We pride ourselves in capturing the whole story which includes our bride and grooms entire wedding day. After more the 300 wedding we still love what we do.

My wife and I started this business with the idea that if we could fix everything that photographers traditionally do wrong, we will be successful. So with that in mind here are a few of the big ones.

Timed Photography: When you hire us for your date, it is your date and no one else’s. We believe in telling the full story of your day.

Photographers that charge by the hour are more times than not trying to shoot multiple wedding in a day. If your wedding runs late (chances are that it will) and you run out of time with the photographer your out of luck. They are gone to shoot another wedding.

Image Ownership: We do not hold your Images hostage and then ask for ransom money. You hire us to create the images so we believe they belong to you.

This one is self-explanatory. Photographers have this idea that your images are theirs for the purpose of getting more money from the bride and their families. I have talked to married couples that never got their original images from the photographer.

Lengthy Group Pictures Sessions on the day of your wedding: We get them up and to the reception as quickly as possible. We achieve the same goal while respecting the family’s time.

Traditionally photographers will spend more time shooting group picture for the simple reason that you will pay more for the prints later. When photographers hold your images hostage so that you are forced to go through them to get them printed the images that couples are most likely to buy are the group pictures. So a photographer that holds your images hostage is going to spend more time on the group pictures knowing that they will make more money post wedding. You and your guest have one day to celebrate your wedding. Spending it in group picture is not a good use of that precious time.

Who is going to shoot your wedding: I am the primary photographer for our company. You hire me you get me.

Some (not many) wedding photography companies will leverage their advertising budgets to book multiple photographers with in the same company. From a business stand point this is not a bad idea. From a wedding photography stand point this is a crap shoot. You don’t know what you are going to get. Wedding photography is a highly creative art form. This could be like you hiring Tomas Kincaid to paint your portrait and getting Picasso. Portfolio: We show you the full story (start to finish) of our couples.

Anybody can take a good picture. The trick is finding someone to photograph a full day of events in a consistent and fluid way. Most photographers do not display the full story (start to finish) on their work on their websites. Not sure why. I do know this when you pick the person to photograph your wedding the two biggest consideration you should have are compatibility and STYLE.

The Album: We will build it for you. We put the album together for you and let you make changes. We got this.

One of the biggest Headaches / learning curve after the wedding is picking out the pictures, deciding what retouching you want, and worst of all picking the placement of the images you want to go in your album. I have met many bridesmaids that never got their album because of this.